Development version of PWMAngband 1.3.0 released for testing

Here’s the list of changes that have been implemented up to now:

User interface

Angband 4.1.3:

– Spell info improvements
– Grey out unreadable books in the inventory
– Show recharge failure chances in item list


– Match class color with spellbooks, make ghosts light grey
– Switch the Brandywine Bridge area from special level to town
– Add option to overexert player instead of preventing casting when out of mana

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.1.3:

– Updated mage class (arcane realm)
– Make slow and confuse monsters progressive
– New druid class (nature realm)
– Make Bookseller automatically sell all town books
– Remove class experience penalty
– Updated priest class (divine realm)
– Make demons living
– Updated necromancer class (shadow realm)
– Updated paladin class (divine realm)
– Updated rogue class (shadow realm)
– Allow rogues to steal from sleeping monsters
– Nerf extra shots (PWMAngband: implement fractional shots)
– Updated ranger class (nature realm)
– New blackguard class (shadow realm)
– Adjust hitdice
– Alchemist sells wands of Light and Stone to Mud instead of Hold Monster,
Stun Monster and Wonder
– Replace pointy penalty with blessed bonus
– Remove arcane glove penalty
– Reduce frequency of non-readable books


– Updated sorceror class (arcane realm)
– Allow wands of Heal Monster to work on other players
– Remove class restrictions for Dragons and race/class restrictions for
fruit bat mode except Dragon
– New FRIENDLY monster flag
– Make idle players even more stealthy
– Updated archer class (nature realm)
– Updated telepath class (psi realm)
– Updated summoner class (divine realm)
– Add maximum level requirement parameter for dungeons
– Add minimum level requirement system for objects (activated by
the LEVEL_REQUIREMENT server option)

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.1.3:

– Stop non-damaging projections from waking up monsters
– Fix mana not updating bug
– Fix crash bug where some carried objects fail to be created


– Allow more than 255 terrain types
– Remove pointless cure blindness/confusion effects from spells which obviously
cannot be cast while blind or confused

Coding changes

Angband 4.1.3:

– Improve monster detection code
– Improvements to effect code
– Change targets to struct target
– Make notifications on player timed effects finishing behave more sensibly
– Rework timed status effects
– Tweak class melee
– Replace coordinates with a struct loc


– Add a cooldown parameter for spells
– Remove obsolete CLASS_GHOST variable
– Set max townies in town.txt for each town and remove the cfg option
– Remove max trees cfg option, don’t grow trees and prevent destroying trees
in starting town
– Improve MvM code

Files updated: binaries only (source will come with first beta).
Files are available for download at the usual location:

YAY! Great job, Powerwyrm!

I’m finishing tileset atm, almost done 😀 Server would be updated very soon. I’ve figured out a few tricks which helps to add large amount of tiles faster (in case if you got 4x of the same tile for lights), example could be seen in my past streams:

in Russian:
in English:

Added windows, side tiles etc.. A few things left 

Gamedev & tileset sections

I’ve added new sections to the website, you could find them in menu 🙂 Also guide section moved inside FAQ.

Shtukensia’s pixelart speed-drawing

I’m finishing to add several hundreds new tiles.. some of them drawn by Shtukensia – she recorded a bit of her work on new tiles on video 🙂 Inspired by David Gervais DO tiles:
PWMA update coming nearer 🙂 Maybe it would even happen at this weekend!

‘Angband Online’ become ‘Tangaria’!

Our magical world would have it’s own lore. It’s own story. It’s own history.

I’ve made decision to rename ‘Angband Online’ project to ‘Tangaria’ (accessible by There are several reasons why I did so, there they are:

  • for more than 10 years I’m creating my own fantasy world in form of the book. It’s called ‘Tangaria’. And it could be fun to make it ‘alive’ for real – in multiplay online game! Also I’ll start publishing chapters from my book at this website 🙂
  • ‘Angband’ is Tolkien-based name and game itself got a lot of Tolkien lore in. And it means possible copyright problems, especially if we ever would come to Steam platform (which probably wouldn’t happen in several years, but still)
  • ‘Angband’ name for a game got quite big history and I’m not sure that I deserve honour to use it; I was always a bit unsure – was I right to call project by this ‘loud’ name
  • There is also which appeared long time before AO and it’s quite easy to get confused between and
  • Acronym ‘AO’ is referring to a lot of other online games (eg Albion Online, Anarchy Online etc)
  • ‘Tangaria’ sound more unique, it’s easy to remember (especially among 100+ variants of Angband). 
  • And the last reason.. I didn’t want to share it at the beginning, but I think I should do it to be completely honest. At first when I started ‘Angband Online’ server I was very proud to be part of V-Angband community. But after recent changes in V-Angband lore, something broken inside me and I can not properly associate myself with Angband community anymore. I respect this people, but I feel myself as divergent; I do not feel myself comfortable when I’m working at ‘Angband Online’ project after all this fray. So it’s time to part our ways.
Tangaria would have it’s own lore, world and story. But it doesn’t mean that any traditional *band monsters would have to go. For vanilla Angband, all lore concentrated in monsters. And I’ll preserve all of them and would treat it with great respect; I would just carefully rename copyrighted boss-monsters (to preserve their ‘meaning’) and would adapt DnD and Tolkien lore pieces to ‘Tangaria’ ones.
Just a small lore sneak-peak @ Tangaria:
Dragons and Giants (some like to call them Titans) are essential, primal forces of the World. Their magic was what gave life to the Earth and divided it from chaos. For past ages there were relative calm and pieceful life (if you could call it peaceful when hordes of orcs fight men, undeads stumbling elves from the north and Covent of Mages burning whole cities alive), but now there are appeared some strange events which look like real signs of coming catastrophe..
You could ask: “How come The Dark Lord could fill in to this concept?”. Soon you would know 😉 All this years it’s very hard to force myself to write book cause I put it ‘inside of my table’. At last I’ll be able to publish stuff on-fly, so I hope it would motivate me to work more intensive on it 🙂
And at the end, considering Steam publishing (as some folks asked about it): it’s VERY long-long time away from now. But I think it’s possible to achieve it one day – for the sake of online roguelike genre promotion. Good example of proper Steam publishing in roguelike genre are ADOM and ToME – where game itself is free without any restrictions if you download it at the website, but if someone would buy game via Steam – it would be possible to aquire achievements and Steam ‘cards’, which give modern generation of players (who mostly non-familiar with hardcore classic roguelike perma-death gameplay) feeling of progress. We could try to implement it one day.
At the same time one of major things which I still see is an attempt to combine efforts of all 3 teams which work at online rogulike genre right now: MAngband, TomeNET and PWManband. We should work together at common ‘game engine’ core; at the same time each game could have it’s own unique features as sub-systems which could be turned on/off as modules to the core.. Soon I’ll make a presentation about it.
And another good news: PWMAngband new release is coming closer; it’s a major one, with a lot of great features. I’ll try to finish work on ‘basic’ world layout asap to be able to migrate server to the new version at once.

News: tiles, locations, new server, screenshots and SLD2

  1. Added more mountains tileset. They become very handy in creating entrance to Orc Caves dungeon (click to enlarge):
  2. Completed first 3 locations: Hidden Valley, Wolf’s Gorge and Orc’s Mountains. Now working on first town; btw during ru-stream Shtukensia tried her mapping skills, was fun! 😉
  3. Soon we would move to the new server. It’s already ready, just need to finish town and some neighbour location pieces (to put there temporary located dungeons, so game would be playable). Please note that upon moving there would be a full server wipe.
  4. Added some screenshots to the Media section. Please send you screenshots to our discord, I’ll put best of them to the website with your credit 🙂 Atm we need screenshots from the dungeons. Notice: we collect only screenshots made with properly adjusted (32×32 / 48×48) Gervais/ Tangar’s tileset.


  • all classes are now done :sunglasses:
  • installed SDL2 and compiled it, now trying to remove the truckload of compile errors in main-sdl2 because of variables declared in the body of functions instead of beginning.
    GJ  Powerwyrm! It would be great to have SLD2 as it’s got pretty cool features! It could help eg to enhance lightning

Understanding of world design

Phew. This is it. Added MOAR mountains and trees (ru stream). Also added new tiles with special lightning – to create dark and atmospheric narrow passages. I really hope it’s last tiles additions for now – I wanna proceed to MAP at last! 😀

I’ve understood new important thing – that location design is like creating a movie – you should not only try to make it realistic.. Actually sometimes it’s vice versa in our case because we got pixel-art style. The most important thing to make it look ‘nice’ and balanced. It’s art of design.. Previously I’ve had some experience in graphic design – it’s mainly control of elements and forms and their relations. 

Before problem with mountains (when I put there too many different pieces together), I didn’t had feeling that location design got something common with traditional graphic design.. But actually there are a lot of common – elements and forms, colors and contrasts. You have to look at your location as at ‘picture’, not just trying to make it look diverse and like in ‘real-life’ (taking into account geomorphology principles etc). 

Resume: properly designed map with 30 different tiles could look much better, than very diverse and erratic map made of 300 different tiles.

New trees, grasslands, ruins, lowlands, hills, walls

Ok, I’ve added moar stuff to terrain: trees, grasslands, ruins, lowlands, hills, walls etc, and added it to DB in todays’s stream. It’s super hard to stop working on new tiles, cause it’s becomes really fun after you get some experience with graphics making 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll assign it to Tiled and continue to work on the map.. I swear! No more new tiles for now 😛

Process: blackguard added, new terrain tiles

@Powerwyrm: blackguard added! and instead of 8, the class comes with 20 spells! Many ideas imported from D&D blackguard, should be fun

I’ve finished adding new terrain for now; new 20+ different types of grass tiles – with dirt, small stones, leaves, hills etc. Tomorrow I’ll add them to DB and continue to design the map.

For newcomers: just wanna point out that atm server got old version of the game; all this updates not released yet, but soon ™ they would be live 😀 

Tileset: boulders, branches, stumps

Added ~25 new tiles (boulders, branches, stumps) in yesterday’s stream in Russian.
Now I wanna add some tree trunks and maybe leaves.. so main area would look more ‘natural’…
Damm I’ve sweared to myself that I won’t add more stuff to tileset till I’ll finishe first location.. But I couldn’t hold my temptation to add more little details 😀
Time to make work faster and effective. I’ll do my best!
.psd with tiles updated

Roguelike gamedev LOCATIONS DESIGN

Status update and talk about online roguelikes in today’s stream: