Tileset enhancement!

Great news! Powerwyrm invented new revolutionary feature to enhance tileset!

You can put anything in the “mask” parameter. Basically you have 255 types of terrain with 255 different flavors. If you have less than 10 flavors, you can simply put 1,2…9 as parameter for easier comprehension.

Old system:
– terrain.txt
name : generic tree

– town_feat.txt
feat : T : generic tree

– town_test.txt

Here you can display 9 generic trees. But you cannot distinguish them.

New system:
– terrain.txt
name : pine
name : larch
name : oak
name : cypress
name : cedar
name : maple
name : elm
name : eucalyptus
name : aspen

– town_feat.txt
feat : T : 1 : pine
feat : T : 2 : larch
feat : T : 3 : oak
feat : T : 4 : cypress
feat : T : 5 : cedar
feat : T : 6 : maple
feat : T : 7 : elm
feat : T : 8 : eucalyptus
feat : T : 9 : aspen

– town_test.txt


Here you can display 9 different trees.

So now terrain would support 65025 different tiles (it was 255 before)!

Some explanation how it works in past stream in English:


Tileset size increased to 4096×4096 -> .psd updated

What’s up

Hiho! We are alive, don’t worry 🙂 Game is running and you could continue to play it; at the same time I’m continuing to develop new tileset. Almost finished with graphics itself; so soon would start to bind it to object’s DB.

Sometimes I make pause in development cause my hand hurt, but it’s not the main reason why tileset work go slowly: at first I wanted to create really ‘tiny’ demo of custom towns; but when I started to work, I understood that it would be better to make everything properly and use all available tiles – currently we are limited to 255 terrain objects in town_feat.txt , so I’ll use them all.. till the time when I’ll be able to lift ‘255’ limitation myself, as Powerwyrm refused to do it in PWMA. Yep, it’s pretty sad.. We (me and Powerwyrm) got problems in communication recently, but I hope we would be able to restore cooperation in future.

You could watch tileset creation process at my youtube channels during live streams or watch videos afterwards:

youtube.com/GlazGame — streams in English (playlist)
youtube.com/StreamGuild — streams in Russian (playlist)

Soon ™ new world begin!

Female problem: god bless… wipes!

After past update (or previous?) we have a tiny problem – other players’ female characters are not drawn on the screen. To reproduce: simly look at any female Thunderlord warrior  – it would appear as black box. At the same time if you play such character by yourself – it would be ok, you would see yourself alright. So it’s not critical issue.
I suppose this problem appeared with new dragon breeds’ customization feature. I’ve tested server setup with purged save folder and everything worked fine there, so it would be fixed simply with character wipe (which would happen ~ this weekend).
It’s great to run a permadeath game as wipes do not hurt players at all. So it’s much easier to create major updates to the game engine (yay Powerwyrm!). I suppose it’s one of the reasons why online roguelikes traditionally is very conservative in development – to preserve character saves in right state… if you would add new object to DB in wrong place – you would ruin characters’ savefiles. We do not have this problem 😛 Even when there would be more players around – it’s totally alright to make wipes once upon a time if we would need it to add major features to the game. One character per account + permadeath = <3
At the same time, we are coming closer to new custom map, I’ve almost finished porting/resizing tiles – past stream in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNBBc6RHBP4 , past stream in English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rr-qDj_-Yc. Stay in touch!

New PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 7 released!


– Replace “in the town” by “on the surface” when a character is killed outside of the dungeon
– Fix client not displaying the last messages before death (hopefully for good this time)
– Change Shapechangers’ AC formula from (equip + race / 2) to MAX((equip + race) / 2, equip)
– Add parser errors for trying to add a “normal” or “always” entry for Black Markets in store.txt
– Add rarity and price factor to “normal” entries in store.txt
– Add potions of Healing in the Temple (with high rarity and price factor)

Also there is a secret hidden update… I won’t tell much except this: take extra precautions when fighting with the most faithful Dark Lord servants :E

What’s going on?

We got several good news (yay, no bad news yet! 😀 ):

  • Ilius made great stuff – export tool ‘TiledToAngbandExport‘ for ‘Tiled‘, which gives possibility to build maps ‘on fly’, from ‘Tiled’ friendly UI, without ASCII manual mapping;
  • Powerwyrm prepared a NASTY SURPRISE in upcoming update…  No spoilers, you’ll have to figure out this one by yourself. Also new store flags revamp announced;
  • I’m coming closer to finishing tiles import. Past stream in English:

New server

We moved to the new server to solve lags problem. So far we tried Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. This time we are at Google Cloud. It should be much better as it’s much more expensive 😛 Please report if you would notice lags @ discord.

To connect you should update the client or manually change IP:

HP bars: ave IDDQD!

While I’m working at tileset, I (just fo fun) replaced boring numbers with the legendary face 🙂 Tested it and it’s appeared to look quite good (especially when you are ‘R’esting from low HP hehe).

Also I got an alternative idea – to use lines: 

Not sure where to stop yet, would be glad to see your feedback.

To use new hp bar – update the client.

Gamedev stream and tileset worksheet

Today I’ve made my first ‘gamedev’ stream (in Russian this time, next would be in English), where I work with new Angband Online tileset:

During this stream I’ve showed my Russian friends how to work with Angband tileset and afterward I continued to work with AO tileset redesign.

Also I wanna share my .PSD (photoshop) worksheet which makes work with tileset EZPZ. It’s got guidelines with coordinates at separate layers and some new tileset from genious Gervais. Feel free to download worksheet at our website.

It’s just a start, we’ll make loads of updates and Shtukensia would draw new tiles – so be in touch 🙂 This .PSD file would be updated.

So far the useful in this file is for example ‘Rubble’ tiles – they got proper background and also Shtukensia redesigned ‘passable rubble’ at last – feel free to add it to V-distributive or in any other variant!

And of course everyone are welcome to join the work with Gervais’s heritage enhancement! Join Angband Online discord, lets do it together!

Tileset update and custom maps

During tileset revamp:
– arranged all tiles to UT32;
– added shadows: doors, rubbles, swamp, water, traps;
– added new tiles: hills, shore, nether mist, glass wall, mind/hunger trap, unmagic mushroom patch, The Balrog of the Sammath Naur, vlodblad, lumberjack.
I’ve spend 3 days to do it and was quite ‘squeezed’ by this monotonous work – comparing two tilesets and rearranging existent entries. But I received important experience and it would serve us right 🙂
Powerwyrm made a great update recently which allows customized maps and improved town customization:

1) It is now possible to add ONE dungeon inside a custom town, like it is possible for game-generated towns: first, add a down staircase symbol (‘>’) in town_xxx.txt at the location you want your down staircase to be; second, add your dungeon in dungeon.txt with its name, world position (which should be the same as the town position in town.txt), flags and rules.

2) It is now possible to make the game start in a custom town: first, set your town name and location AS THE FIRST ENTRY in town.txt (remember: DON’T TOUCH THE SECOND ENTRY, it SHOULD be Carn Dûm otherwise the game will be unplayable); second, create your town layout and save it as town_xxx.txt (see Bree and other pre-defined towns as example); third, add a starting point (‘x’) which should preferentially be placed in the middle of the “Tavern” (building labeled ‘8’ consisting of “safe floor” tiles — see pre-defined towns for examples of placing the tavern); and finally, add a town symbol (‘T’) on the metamap in wild_info.txt

So now it’s possible to create proper custom maps! I’m so ‘squeezed’ that can not explicit my emotions right, but deeply inside I’m very happy 😉 So now it’s time to add new tiles…
There is also a bug (it seems) considering wilderness generation, but I hope Powerwyrm would hunt it down (BAM!). We are coming closer and closer to the New World 😀

New PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 6 released!

Arrrr Powerwyrm!

– Fix crash when flickering multi-hued players, party leaders and elementalists
– Move dragon breed info to dragon_breed.txt
– Add customizable experience penalty to each dragon breed
– Tweak commonness of dragon breeds to make better ones rarer, make ethereal drake much rarer
– Make white/blue/red/black dragons immune to cold/lightning/fire/acid
– Make Ents vulnerable to fire but decrease their experience penalty a bit
– Display a message when monks get encumbered by armor
– Fix bolt/ball/breath spells not damaging wraithed players
– Allow customized maps for each town except base town (Carn D&ucirc;m), set MAngband-style town by default if the corresponding town_xxx.txt file doesn’t exist
– Allow one dungeon in each customized town
– Revert “Make wraithed players also get the IMPAIR_HP flag”
– Make permanent wraithform drain hp and prevent regeneration while the wraithed player stands inside non-passable terrain
– Rebalance player invisibility a bit, nerf permanent invisibility (except for ghosts)
– Make wraithform and invisibility consume a lot of food
– New command in stores: Browse a book (‘b’) or Peruse a book (‘P’)

Please update your clients 🙂

Also I’ve finished internal revamp of Gervais tileset, now everything at it’s right places. Please note that there could be errors in tileset (monsters, objects and terrain could have wrong appearence)  – please report any suspicious stuff via Discord, so I’ll fix it asap.