Angband Online – persistent online multiplayer roguelike game. It’s 100% free & open-source game. In addition to traditional roguelike features, it has MMORPG-like gameplay: real-time (with turn-based mode when you are injured), PvE in group, trading between players, economy, PvP etc

Game features:
permadeath mode only. Traditional roguelike experience.
one character per account. It’s forbidden to have more than one account per person.
disconnected stairs. Up/down staircases are not connected between levels to prevent stair-scumming.
no selling to NPC. To remove grind from the game; in return you get extra gold in the dungeon and could trade with other players.
wilderness & Carn Dûm. You could go either right on to the endless dungeon or travel @ Middle-Earth wilderness.
consensual PvP only: both players must be hostile to each other. No ganking 
rebalanced telepathy & detection: exploration matters!
…and much much more!

Angband Online based at powerful PWMAngband game engine which got Angband core and latest vanilla features (tileset support, new ID/curses/traps systems, item managment etc); and also PWMAngband has it’s own unique multyplayer stuff, eg advanced ‘time bubble’ (slow down time when you are on low hp, making game almost turn-based while in danger), ‘Necklace of the Eye’ (you could try to play the game in 3D mode, no joking!), new gameplay mechanics like necromancy, summoning & etc.

Our first goal is to enrich traditional Angband gameplay with Nethack‘s spirit (various random gameplay events); at the same time to do not overburden game with spoiler-based Nethack’s stuff (like hatching eggs, imba polymorph control, altar grind etc) as we want to focus players’ exploration on actual gameplay, not on reading the spoilers via code (that’s why game updates often include only hints about stuff which were introduced). And of course we are not limited only by Nethack’s influence, we wanna bring to the game:

  1. Roguelikish stuff from DCSS, ToME, ADOM and other great rlg’s;
  2. Game world immersion from MUD’s (aka text MMORPGs);
  3. Attention to details from DnD;
  4. Sandbox ideas from Ultima Online (furniture in player’s houses lol) and some other MMORPG’s.

Considering lore: we are following classic fantasy traditions inspired by JRRT Middle-Earth. You won’t meet cyberdemons or rockets in Angband Online 😉 At the same time we are not strict to JRRT lore and do not follow canonic principals, because either way they can not hold rich DnD world which we greatly appreciate.

Angband Online origins from PWMAngband (2007) – one of the original trinity of online roguelike genre; PWMA was initially based on MAngband (1998) and also got some TomeNET (2001) features. All three games are in active developent, got very different and unique gameplay, make sure to try them!


Currently our server is in beta test and wipe could happen after sometime. But wipe in roguelike game with permadeath is nothing, really 😉 Join us right now! Also you are welcome to ask any questions @ our Discord.

You could understand how the game looks like by watching videos @ https://youtube.com/GlazGame

 Russian web-site – tangar.info/angband-online/ – русскоязычный сайт по игре