Angband Online (PWMAngband) – free open-source online roguelike game.

Our server features:
permadeath mode only. Traditional roguelike experience.
one character per account. It’s forbidden to have more than one account per person.
disconnected stairs. Up/down staircases are not connected between levels to prevent stair-scumming.
no wilderness. Quintessence of vanilla gameplay – just dive
consensual PvP only: both players must be hostile to each other. No ganking 
limited ESP (makes telepathy work in a nearby radius)

Why PWMAngband is awesome? It’s got latest vanilla singleplayer Angband features (tilesets, new ID/curses/traps systems, item managment etc) and also having it’s own unique multyplayer stuff, eg advanced real-time feature ‘time bubble’ (slow down time when you are on low hp), ‘Necklace of the Eye’ support (you could try to play the game in 3D mode, no joking!), new classes (including Summoner and Necromancer), races, monsters & etc.

PWMA is one of the trinity of online roguelike genre; it was initially based on MAngband (1998) and also got some TomeNET (2001) features. All three games are in active developent, got very different and unique gameplay, make sure to try them all!

Currently our server in testing mode and wipe would happen after sometime. But wipe in roguelike game with permadeath is nothing, really 😉 Join us right now!

Game history could be found @ Roguebasin.

To play in fullscreen and have proper tileset size, check Tangar’s guide.

 Russian web-site – tangar.info/angband-online/ – русскоязычный сайт по игре