New server

We moved to the new server to solve lags problem. So far we tried Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. This time we are at Google Cloud. It should be much better as it’s much more expensive 😛 Please… Read More

HP bars: ave IDDQD!

  While I’m working at tileset, I (just fo fun) replaced boring numbers with the legendary face 🙂 Tested it and it’s appeared to look quite good (especially when you are ‘R’esting from low HP hehe). Also I… Read More

Gamedev stream and tileset worksheet

Today I’ve made my first ‘gamedev’ stream (in Russian this time, next would be in English), where I work with new Angband Online tileset: During this stream I’ve showed my Russian friends how to work with Angband tileset… Read More

Tileset update and custom maps

During tileset revamp: – arranged all tiles to UT32; – added shadows: doors, rubbles, swamp, water, traps; – added new tiles: hills, shore, nether mist, glass wall, mind/hunger trap, unmagic mushroom patch, The Balrog of the Sammath Naur,… Read More

New PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 6 released!

Arrrr Powerwyrm! – Fix crash when flickering multi-hued players, party leaders and elementalists – Move dragon breed info to dragon_breed.txt – Add customizable experience penalty to each dragon breed – Tweak commonness of dragon breeds to make better… Read More

Dragons and graphics

Soon we would have a new update. Some sneak peaks:   Powerwyrm is finishing a rebalance of Dragon race, wraithform and invisibility:   The 4 base dragons (red, blue, white, black) now have immunity, others only resistance. Each… Read More

New world map coming

As I like to keep you informed (and make daily updates 😛 )… Whats going on: I’ve started to create a new custom world map. This is a big work which consist of several steps: 1) to add… Read More

Downstairs bug fix

Powerwyrm managed to fix critical bug which crushed server! Yay! The story about it – is pretty detective: we tried to catch it in debug for a month 😉 And finally this morning we catch it at last… Read More


Green Glutton Ghost not so fast anymore; Rations of food more rare to find; Rusty Lantern <-> Old Lantern; Old Lantern (pretty common to find in the dungeon) now made of glass. It could be good idea to… Read More

Booze for rest

You know.. Drinking booze could restore your vigor, but make you stupid. Take care! ‘Dragon’ race temporary disabled because of the exploit. — Update: dragons are enabled again. For now they would be much more clumsy in terms… Read More