Animals and birds

Work status: right now I’m creating new habitants of wilderness – animals and birds. Also all townies and NPC on daylight surface would have new lvl scaling – so each town would have it’s own special dwellers. After… Read More

First location: ready!

First location draft

Dreams come true 🙂 First day result: Soon I’ll update server with new maps! A week (I hope) left.

Custom world (draft with process)

Gamedev process in my instagram – scroll photos to the right by arrow to see from 1 to 9:   I’ve made this pictures several weeks ago; they illustrated the idea about custom towns/locations and show how locations could… Read More

Update to tileset package

I’ve also included to tileset package some template files for tileset database designing. Link is the same; also added package to downloads section.

Tangar’s tileset ver. 1.0 released!

I’ve finished first version of my tileset which is based at beautiful David Gervais artwork. This tileset made for Angband Online, which is powered by PWMAngband. If you would do some tweaking – this tileset could be used… Read More

First release of PWMAngband 1.3.0 beta 0!

Recently we had 255 limit problem. Now it’s fixed in 1.3.0 beta 0! @Powerwyrm: – Allow more than 255 terrain types – Fix some spell level errors Considering 255 problem: The reason is obvious: the terrain “floor d… Read More

TiledToAngbandExport: new version

Ilius updated TiledToAngbandExport tool: Now it’s possible to create new maps (with map/mask layers) in Tiled ‘on fly’ 😀 Good job!

Tangar’s tileset: first stage finished

I’ve finished first (alpha?) version of new tileset graphics layout. It’s available in Downloads section. I’ll continue to add new stuff to tileset, but for now I wanna move this version into production, so you would be able… Read More

MAngband 1.5.0 released

New version of MAngband released! It’s got a lot of new cool features: changelog (Multiplayer Angband) — vanilla online roguelike game; mother of online roguelike genre; gave birth to TomeNET and PWMA (and of course AO!). Dear MAngband team, thank… Read More