How to start playing?

  1. Download the latest version of the game
  2. Unpack it and run mangclient.exe
  3. choose angband.online server by pushing corresponding letter
  4. enter login and password (no need to register, you create new account by loggining)
  5. create a character & enjoy the game!

Is it possible to play with Linux/OSX?
PWMangband is meant to be run under Windows, but it also works if you have WinE under Linux or VirtualBox (of any other virtualization soft) at OSX.

How to change tileset type?
In the beginning of mangclient.ini file:
This parameter is a type of tileset; it could have value from 1 to 3:
1: David Gervais’ tiles
2: Shockbolt’s tiles
3: Pseudo-3D tiles

I’ve heard there are more tileset and also an option to play in 3D! How to do so?

  1. Download Necklace of the Eye (NotEye+Hydra Slayer package)
  2. Unpack it to  \PWMAngband\noteye
  3. Run noteye.bat (it’s in \PWMangband)
  4. In opened window paste the way to \PWMAngband\noteye , eg “C:\games\PWMAngband\noteye” (without quotes)
  5. Confirm updating files: ‘y’ (yes)
  6. After updating finishes you would see ‘Necklace of the Eye’ window
  7. ‘p’ would open game with ‘noteye’ mode
  8. to change graphic modes press ‘F4’ -> ‘m’
  9. Enjoy 3D, isometric projection and third-person view! 😀

After install you don’t need to run noeye.bat anymore; you could just start \PWMAngband\noteye\noteye.exe

Also you could save your log/pass to \PWMAngband\noteye\pwmangband\pwmangband.ini for auto-login

I’ve accidentally closed game windows. How to restore them?
in mangclient.ini make ‘Visible=1’ to all terminals which you wish to show.

How to play in one-window mode (like Tangar does at his streams)?
To play in fullscreen and adjust tileset size, check Tangar’s AHK addon.

How to change message window height?
in mangclient.ini change NumRows parameter. Please note that minimal size of the Terms is fixed to 16×4; if you want even smaller Terms, reduce the font size.

What is this two numbers at the left bottom of the screen?
 First number is danger of monsters; second – quality of loot at the level. This values could be from 0 to 9.

How to enter the dungeon?
To enter the dungeon – come on the stairs and push ‘>’ on keyboard (shift+ . ). To go up the stairs – push ‘<‘.

Why I can not sell anything in the town?
There is several gameplay modes in the game available. By default yor character has an option birth_no_selling which prevent you from selling items to NPC, but at the same time you got additional gold drop at the dungeon. You could change this option if you wish by pushing ‘=’ on character creation screen (you need to create a new character to be able to change this option).

More information about options could be found there.

Where to store my items?
There is a house-storage in the city; no need to buy house, it’s free 🙂

Why when I stay in town I become without any money in some time?
There is thiefs around, take care. It’s better to stay afk only in tavern.

What the difference of PWMAngband from MAngband and TomeNET?
All three games are beautiful and unique. In general, MAngband is where it all came from, it’s based on early Angband, it’s very oldschool, dark and atmospheric. TomeNET is very deep game with hardcore fast-paced gameplay and it’s developing on it’s own accord, without much Angband influence. PWMAngband is vice versa – it takes all the modern Angband game mechanics, but also got it’s own designs, like time bubble feature, which slow down time around player if he is severely injured, making game less reaction-based.

I play with a friend and do not receive exp, why?
You should have 7 lvls difference to receive exp when playing in party with others.

Autopickup incription =g doesn’t work properly
Known bug. This happens when you step on ammo while running. Workaround: before picking up ammo, stop and just walk to pick up.

I felt lag/freeze when when hounds breath on me
Yes, that’s the client latency for displaying effects. It is a configurable option. Go to Options menu -> d) set base delay factor -> lower the value (40ms by default). Usually it’s alright to put 10 or 20ms to keep the breathing effect, but lower the latency on the client. You can put 1ms if you don’t want effect at all.

I’ve found a horn and it looks like very bad thing, no point to use it (put monsters awake)
High stealth characters might finding it useful. Sometimes you want to wake up something close without having to go melee range. Horns are there for “aggravation on demand”.
Who is PWMAngband developer and is it possible to add my stuff to the initial PWMAngband package?
PowerWyrm is a developer/maintainer of PWMAngband. He develops initial ‘source’ package, which could be then further customized by anyone at their servers. You could contact PowerWyrm on Angband forums, where he post new releases’ announcements.
Considering stuff on this particular server – if you got an idea or wanna contribute in any way – please contact ‘tangar’ via Discord.
I died.. How to delete dead character?
When you die, log back to the game and choose your deceased character – the game will give you multiple options, you can restart, restart with roman name increase (Char I, Char II… Char XVI), delete the character.
Where to find character dump?
You automatically get character dump after your death; it’s saved in /lib/user ; you can use it for the oook ladder.
Some items in the game priced inncorrectly, like ring of levitation (50 g???) vs lantern (500 g!)
Note: it’s not a ring of flying, just levitation. Ring that makes you fly (hover, really) is pretty useless to adventurers going underground. The only thing it helps with is avoiding drowning when crossing water in the wilderness (+ the old feather falling effect). Brass lanterns are very important! The shopkeepers know what you want and are perfectly willing to gouge you for it.
‘Ignore’ feature doesn’t work properly; I have to to ignore, then destroy manually
All ignored items in the inventory are immediately dropped on the floor and ignored (made invisible) as long as 
1) you didn’t equip them (equipping something marks the item as “non ignorable” so you need to destroy manually) and
2) you’re not in a town (to prevent littering)
I see flickering/redrawing when character moves; there is a ‘black square spot’ appears on top right corner nearby to character when I move.
If you play with tileset – it’s the only way for now. You could play ascii if you are annoyed by this problem.
Is there really no ‘fire-till-kill’ (FTK) mode like in TomeNET?
Nope, but it could be implemented soon. The closest thing is ‘h’ (fire to closest target).
 I would like to be able to turn off the game speed slowing effect (‘time bubble’)
Option menu (=) then “set hitpoint warning” then put 0.

Considering wilderness (currently disabled at our server):
I enter the wilderness and met there fast death. Why is it so hardcore?
In fact, monster power depends on distance to the closest town, so as long as you’re close to a town you shouldn’t meet too dangerous foes. During the DAY. Beware to go in the wilderness at night. To wait till ‘safe’ time, you could use shift+R – to speed up time); it’ll take something like 5 minutes to sleep the whole night. 
I am at Hobbiton (starter city) and wanna travel to Bree. But I’m lost.
Simply go east 🙂 Bree is something like 3 squares away from Hobbiton straight east. Good way is to go east, then north one (to cross the bridge), then east, then south one.