Let’s drink!

  • *hic* now you could find new booze. It’s provide some satiation, but don’t drink too much, it could be bad for your health 😉
  • Vigor mushrooms become rare again;
  • We got loading screen;
  • New characters now start with more Phase Door and Critical Light Wounds potions.

Also there is a bug with birth_start_kit=false; please do not start new characters in this mode for now.

4 Comments on “Let’s drink!

  1. Booze and ladies are his faaate@ My little crazy cat oooh ♫♪

  2. The loading screen is awesome! is this a bat or a demon? 🙂 but I think it would be nice if the loading screen would have some kind of a story or a phrase (like in pwmangband) or I don’t know a song (like in tomenet for example) it’s just for the atmosphere, not the essential thing :))))

    • ir’s a dragon 😀 but I’ll try to make something more recognizable one day

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