Maps are in Tiled and classes rework

Thanks to Ilius, who helped with .bat and regular expressions – to auto-generate 7500 map files and integrate them to Tiled! 😀

So far Tiled could work only with ~100 maps at once, but it’s ok to work on world part-by-part.

Powerwyrm almost finished huge job with rearranging magic: paladin + rogue done.. aaand rogues now can steal from monsters 8) Update is coming closer!

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Animals: done!

Now we got a lot of animals and birds lurking around in the wilderness around towns. Also some villagers would have pets (meow!) in their houses 🙂 Btw players would be able to ‘rescue’ pets from the dungeons for their houses too hehe

.psd with new tiles updated. Tomorrow I’ll start with new location!

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Starting with animals

Ok, work burning 🙂 Stream in English:

And a bit soon I’ll continue at my Russian channel. It’s my last announce of streams at web-site for now; to see more – please sub to my YT channels 😛

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Broken tileset fixed

  • added link to new .psd tileset source (download section)
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We are back!

I’m back, work continues! In today’s stream I’m fixing ‘broken’ tileset source file, restored stuff from backup file (stream in Russian):

Powerwyrm also returned from voyage, so updates are coming!

Slowly, like little snails we would make our progress to the New World 😉

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Status: temporary pause

All this month I’m at travel, so can’t work atm. But in 2 weeks I’ll come back and there would be a lot of updates!

Also Powerwyrm going on vacation for 2 weeks too. So till summer there won’t be much updates, sorry guys 😉

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Animals and birds

Work status: right now I’m creating new habitants of wilderness – animals and birds. Also all townies and NPC on daylight surface would have new lvl scaling – so each town would have it’s own special dwellers.

After I’ll finish with NPCs (at least just a couple of them), I’ll come back to creating new locations. 

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First location: ready!

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First location draft

Dreams come true 🙂 First day result:

Soon I’ll update server with new maps! A week (I hope) left.

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Custom world (draft with process)

Gamedev process in my instagram – scroll photos to the right by arrow to see from 1 to 9:


I’ve made this pictures several weeks ago; they illustrated the idea about custom towns/locations and show how locations could be connected. Also I’ve thought about first location 🙂

I’m on travel atm and had @#$% connection for several days. Now it’s become better, but I got ancient notebook which can’t handle my .PSD file.. Anyway, today I’ve managed to finish port to Tiled, so tomorrow I’ll start drawing first location! It’s starting!

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