Time to plan

Now we got trello – https://trello.com/b/CuFa9Xiz; fancy web-tool for planning 😉 Everyone are welcome to register there, participate in discussions and suggest new ideas!

Maggot, death sword and trees

  • There was a rumour that ‘tree giant’ was seen in Old Forest – and after that folk noticed that amount of trees there significally increased;
  • Death swords not only dangerous for physical health, but also could affect your brain. At the same time they are not so fast anymore;
  • Farmer Maggot is no longer harmless. He finally found his old pitchfork, which is rusty, but sharp. But as he run daily after troublemakers, he become less fatty;
  • Fixed bug with booze effects.. *hic*

Let’s drink!

  • *hic* now you could find new booze. It’s provide some satiation, but don’t drink too much, it could be bad for your health 😉
  • Vigor mushrooms become rare again;
  • We got loading screen;
  • New characters now start with more Phase Door and Critical Light Wounds potions.

Also there is a bug with birth_start_kit=false; please do not start new characters in this mode for now.

Detection magic rebalance

We had a glitch in detection magic, now it’s fixed. Also detection magic was rebalanced once again (previous: part 1, part 2):

1) Magic mapping scroll now more rare and expensive, you can’t buy then in Alchemy store (but still you can try to find them in BM). At the same time they become more powerful (thanks to Varatorn for this idea).

2) I reworked all detection items, artifacts, spells in such concept:

Potions -> scrolls -> staves -> rods -> artifacts -> spells

Scrolls & potions are the most powerful source of detection as they got certain inbound magic resourse which ends upon use; also they are rare and expensive. Items (staves) – also quite rare; could be destroyed upon recharging and you also need space in your inventory to hold them. Artifacts (and rods) could be endlessly used, also arts do not take space in inventory, so their magic less powerful, but infinite. Spells – could be used endlesly, so have smallest amound of detection radius – so it would be good idea for a mage also to collect Magic Mapping scrolls or Enlightment potions to use then at especially dangerous level.

Please note that Enlightment (Clairvoyance) magic are still not work as intended as we are waiting when new customization would be implemented in game’s core (vanilla Angband).

Please report you impressions, we need you feedback to make game better!

Mysterious girls and Farmer Maggot

Farmer Maggot went for mushrooms to The Old Forest..

At the same time Mysterious girls* appeared from nowhere. Beware?

To see girls properly you should be over 18 y.o. and to download new client.

If you got better name for this ‘girls’ please suggest it @ discord.

New PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 4 released!

Yay Powerwyrm!

– Revert AUTO_DUMP server option to automatically transfer death dumps to the client
– Kick out starving players only if their disturb_faint option is true
– Make players without birth_start_kit set start with an amount of gold at least equal to the value of the items they don’t get
– Fix description when looking at a player and pressing ‘r’
– Make Deep Nights only empty the lights of hostile players
– Give players starting food/light for free no matter if birth_start_kit is set or not

Please update client to be able to login to the server.

Mapping and Phial of Undeath

  • Phial of Undeath now could be considered as useful item under certain circumstances;
  • ‘Magic Mapping’ at scrolls and equipment become more useful;
  • Enlightment & Clairvoyance become enchanced Magic Mapping (temporary; till V-devs would add customization for it);
  • Mapping Magic in spellbooks become less powerful.

We moved.. again

Ok, I hope it’s our last transfer for now.

  • Moved on new servers. Website and the game itself now have separate servers (for security reasons);
  • Game unbound from metaserver and you could download new version of the client to login directly to the game;
  • New default fonts in client;
  • Default setup now has only one shortcut (to simplify newbie experience).

This new infrastructure make us more stable to DDOS and other problems; game server is now independent from domain and we could change it’s IP at will 😛

For regular PWMAngband client users:

– open mangclient.ini
– uncomment the “host” line in the [MAngband] section
– put “host=”
– save the file

Once you start the client, you should be automatically redirected to angband.online server.

Farming, scrolls of life and magical food

  • Due Morgothian curse, farming vegetables become less satiating (thanks to Edgin for an expedition to the fields);
  • At the same time, due Valinor blessin, Scroll of Life now become useful at last. It’s can not, of course, to raise someone from dead, but at least heal a bit and give some other useful virtues;
  • ‘Satisfy Hunger magic’ appeared to be more dull than you could think. It’s hard to become satiated by filling your stomach with pure mana.. So some magic folk could now consider to eat normal food from time to time.

Elvish waybread

  • Scroll of Satisfy Hunger is not so satisfying anymore;
  • All hunger-causing stuff (potions, mushrooms, trap) become less severe (temporary; till ‘disturb_faint’ option would be implemented), so it won’t kick you from the game;
  • Elvish waybread and all other tasties: price in Black Market increased (this cheat was noticed by Varatorn, thanks);
  • Healing potions would be less nourishing.