Elvish waybread

  • Scroll of Satisfy Hunger is not so satisfying anymore;
  • All hunger-causing stuff (potions, mushrooms, trap) become less severe (temporary; till ‘disturb_faint’ option would be implemented), so it won’t kick you from the game;
  • Elvish waybread and all other tasties: price in Black Market increased (this cheat was noticed by Varatorn, thanks);
  • Healing potions would be less nourishing.

Hunger managment

  • Slow digestion amulets removed from the shops and become rare to find;
  • Added new ‘hunger’ trap;
  • Satisfy Hunger magic from artifacts activation not so powerful anymore.

Also new characters start without any gold, but with additional scroll of Satisfy Hunger, a few Phase Door scrolls and potion of Cure Light Wounds – so you would have more chances to survive in first dangerous encounters (soon it could be changed back to gold, when gold managment would be more customizable for newborn chars).

To be able to see new trap properly – update to the new version (now it’s include only client and become more lightweight). Also please note that Angband Online now officially support only David Gervais’ tiles.

Technical works on the server

Currently we are fixing some issues with server. Please stay tuned at our Discord. We apologize for the inconvenience!

We moved to more powerful server, it should be better now. Please report any performance problems @ discord.

New race: Black Numenorean

A High Men from Numenor, a renegades and.. ally of Dark Lord? Not all of them was ‘corrupted by many gifts and promises of great power’ by the Enemy. Some just wanted to have a free will and refused to accepted handouts of the west.. But nonetheless they had to choose a side, just to survive under the sky..

Which side would choose you?

Make ‘Old Forest’ great again!

Dear hobbitss *gollum* noticed that ‘Newbie Tower’ not there anymore! But… The Oldie Forest is comming closed and closer to Hobbiton, it’s branches creak and squeak on the bright nasty shiny windows.. And it’s deeeep, very deep indeed, my precious. Who live there? We do not know, my precious dear, but hobbities, sneaky little hobbits would pay for their crimes indeed, my precious..!

Ragnarok & PWMAngband 1.2.0 beta 3 release!

PowerWyrm prepared great update, patchnotes:

– Add 16x24tx.fon, 21x31tg.fon and 24x36tg.fon from Tangar
– Stop treating back-quote as escape
– Allow lowercase Dungeon Master names in mangband.cfg
– Fix incorrect options/ignore packets crashing the server
– Lower Expensive Black Market price factor from 10x to 8x
– Increase the number of items that can be ordered in the Expensive Black Market from 6 to 8
– New fire-till-kill option (MAngband submenu)
– Implement fire-till-kill mode for “fire at nearest” command
– Implement fire-till-kill mode for spells
– Remove score bonuses from challenge options
– Add more birth options to server configuration file (no artifacts, no selling, no stores)
– Add chance of generating “good” and “great” items in constant.txt
– Fix scene of death in character dumps when using tiles
– Add “fast” wilderness mode via DIVING_MODE server option to make everyone aware of the location of the base town (Carn Dûm) at birth
– Fix client not displaying the last messages before death
– Don’t drop gold either when permanently dying

Because of new save file structure and also for testing puproses, server was wiped (and PvP event ended!). So now Angband Online server start ‘ab ovo’ with a lot of new cool stuff:

  • We got wilderness.. Beware to go around during the night time! But also all players now know Carn Dûm (dungeon-town) location at start, so you can teleport there at once after creating a new character by inscribing ‘World of Recall’ scroll with @R-9,37 if you wanna dive immideately 😉
  • Server got ‘birth_no_selling’ option – so you don’t need (and can not :P) sell items to NPC anymore! Instead you get additional, significant gold drop. Trade with other players, its fun! (btw we got trading channel @ Discord).
  • Items drop reworked, to give proper chance for loot. We still working on right balance, so it could be changed soon.
  • Adjusted depth of Hobbiton’s dungeon & Barrow Downs.

To be able to enter server – you should update your client. Don’t forget that you could save your macroses from previous client version @ \PWMAngband\lib\user 🙂

PvP madness

Soon we would have wipe so PvP was turned on! Now it’s possible to perform a hostile action toward other player and it would trigger hostility for both players (example of hostile action: to throw something at another player). Also you cound turn on hostile through ‘party’ screen. 

UPDATE: Hostility is ‘on’ by default, no need to turn on PvP manually 😀

Please do not attack low lvl characters if you got high lvl 😛

It’s temporary event, till server would be updated. Have fun!

Rations of food’ shortage

Monster appear to be more hungry than ever and started to eat all food which they managed to steal from townies at once… So it’s become harder for adventurers to find different food in general.

But there are also a good news. Band of orcs managed to rob a wagon full of Hard Biscuits *crunch*. Now you could find thouse and ‘make a break’!

And it’s not all the good news! Mana potions appeared in Black Market. For how long? Nobody knows, cause there is a rumour that soon there would be.. Ragnarok!

Archers got inheritance

Ok, archers. Now you got a hairloom, inherited from distant relatives (or taken from orcs?). An old lantern. It’s ancient, rusty and could go out in any moment. But still, it’s bright!

To be able to see this new items in tilesets properly, you should update client. Also now it’s possible for new characters to drop items in town (it’s temporary measure for testing purpose).

Spade vs Shovel!

New digging tool added: a spade. All new characters now got it free of charge! Did you know the difference between spade and shovel?

At the same time prices at other digging tools adjusted 😉

Vendors reporting about temporary shortage of digging tools in shops.