Tangar’s tileset ver. 1.0 released!

Tileset fragment

I’ve finished first version of my tileset which is based at beautiful David Gervais artwork.

This tileset made for Angband Online, which is powered by PWMAngband. If you would do some tweaking Рthis tileset could be used with most of *bands. 

Package includes .PSD file with hex codes for mapping stuff, so it’s much easier to work with it. Also it includes tileset files and following PWMA files:

town_test.txt – start location with all terrain objects, useful for testing
terrain.txt – list of all terrains with properties
town_feat.txt – list of objects which could be used in towns
wild_info.txt – world map with town in center (all other is water)
town.txt – town list
town_empty.txt – empty town

If you wish to use this tileset or artwork from it – please mention in your credits following names:
David Gervais, Shtukensia, Tangar, Powerwyrm, Ayenes (wooden floors and flowers), Ivan Voirol (leaves on grass, waterfall).

I’ll continue maintaining this tileset, so there would be new versions!

Download tileset link

Past livestream with tileset work:

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